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November 15, 2009

Dragon flies

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Dragon flies, originally uploaded by Kirima.

I truly love the colours on this dragonfly I found outside my house


November 23, 2008

Red Dragon

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CSC_8410, originally uploaded by Kirima.

I never knew that they rest with the wings pointed forward

Up close

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CSC_8408, originally uploaded by Kirima.

Last weekend I decided to laze around at a calm place here at the farm. We have this large water reservoir where there one can sit at the bank and watch the sun go down while appreciating a cool breeze. There are several wild ducks, Herons and Ibises but what what caught my fancy was the wide diversity of Dragonflies in all sorts of sizes and colours. Therefore I whipped out my Camera and tried to take pictures. anyone who has tried to take pictues of these insects must know how fast they are so you have to be very patient and use a long zoom lens but after alot of patience was able to make a few really cool shots after shuffling with various settings.

July 31, 2008


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June 28, 2008

Mount Kenya Safari Club

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From a visit to floraholland a major Dutch Flower AuctionHappy Cactus

Twisted TreesSoccer flowers!


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Some Beauties from Concours

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